Profitable Products 101 | A Glimpse Into Product Development and Sales

Do you have an idea for a new product or already have a product on the market? Watch this interview of Amy Wenslow, CEO of Products to Profits, to get a glimpse on new product development.

In this blog, Amy Wenslow takes you into her world of licensing, branding, marketing, and business strategies to help inventors and entrepreneurs in product development and sales of consumer goods. Talking points in this blog include:

  • 3 things every entrepreneur should know at trade shows
  • tip of the day
  • licensing
  • building the business
  • consumer product development process
  • marketing
  • manufacturing
  • intellectual property in relationship to marketing
  • legal review on product packaging
  • marketing research and campaigns
  • crowdfunding
  • stretch goals
  • tooling
  • pricing
  • trade shows

For more information on the legal implications and protections for products, contact us.

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